Plumbing runs throughout your house, heating your water, moving it into your kitchen and bathroom faucets and draining it back out of your home. But there are plumbing pipes and fixtures outside of the house that are just as important to properly maintain. Think about it: You use your outdoor faucet to water your gardens, your downspout drain sends rainwater away from your home and there are pipes and sewer lines that bring water in and take sewage out of your house. And when these are damaged, clogged, leaking or otherwise aren’t working the way they should, it could cause damage to your property. Here are some outdoor plumbing services AV Plumbing can help with along with a few maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Outdoor plumbing services

AV Plumbing can provide assistance when homeowners are experiencing a number of outdoor plumbing-related problems. These are some of the most common services:

  • Downspout drain cleaning:

    When it rains, water collects in your gutters, then flows through downspouts and into drains or drainage pipes. These connect to pipes that typically take the extra water to storm drains or dry wells. However, it’s very common for the downspout drains or pipes to become clogged with debris, dirt, leaves or even overgrown tree and plant roots. If water is backing up out of your downspout or drain, and you can’t seem to find or clear the blockage that’s causing it, give AV Plumbing a call or schedule an appointment online. A plumber will be able to clean the pipes and put them back in good working order.

  • Outdoor faucet maintenance: 

     Like kitchen, bathroom and utility room faucets, outdoor faucets can sometimes become damaged or start to leak, which can cause more damage and increase your water bill. Outdoor faucet leaks can come from the handle or the spout, and they’re often caused by a faulty valve stem assembly or a worn washer. Do you have a leak? An AV Plumbing professional can determine the cause, and repair or replace your faucet for you.

  • Outdoor leak repair: 

     Faucets aren’t the only part of your outdoor plumbing that can start to leak, though. Homeowners sometimes experience leaks in their water and sewer pipes. Aside from causing water to pool in your yard, these types of leaks can also produce unappealing sights and odors. Leaks happen for many reasons, including bursting pipes in the winter, punctures caused by roots or worn or damaged casings and joints. If you notice water or sewage pooling near your home, call an AV Plumbing professional immediately for an emergency service.

    AV Plumbing professional are trained and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to handle any outdoor plumbing issue or emergency, so if you have an issue you can’t fix.

Outdoor plumbing tips

As with your indoor plumbing fixtures, following proper maintenance procedures can keep your outdoor pipes and fixtures in good condition. Here are some outdoor plumbing basics you should remember:

  • To prevent clogs and backups, regularly clear your gutters, downspouts and outdoor drains of any leaves and debris that have accumulated. This is especially important during the fall when the trees around your home will be shedding their leaves quickly. 
  • Keep roots from destroying your sewer and drain lines by pouring certain chemical on to it. To reach your sewer line, pour the chemical into your toilet bowl and flush.
  • If you live in a place with below-freezing temperatures during the winter, protect your outdoor faucet and the rest of your home’s pipes by unplugging and draining the hose and attaching a winterizing cover over the fixture.

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